Mental Health and Social Media

Create an online course for young people that raises awareness of mental health issues caused by social media.
Have you ever compared yourself to someone on social media? Have you felt that you are not enough after scrolling through your phone? So have we. Create an online course that would teach other young people about the phenomenon and give tips on what to do about it.
Your challenge is to come up with a solution that teaches young social media users about mental health risks arising from the use of social media and helps them manage those risks.

The target group is young people (15 - 18 years old) from Finland. You can use any multimedia you want when solving the challenge (text, video, audio, animation, pictures, and other graphics). You can score EXTRA POINTS by using something more than text and digital questionnaires in your solution. Your solution can be in the form of a prototype, a concept presentation, or both.


Using social media has recently been linked to mental health problems like anxiety, depression, insecurity, problems focusing, and even suicidal thoughts in teens.

Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show” - Wall Street Journal 
The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health” - Christine M. Stabler, MD, MBA

Have you ever felt bad after scrolling through Instagram or TikTok? Do you know someone who has been bullied or suffered confidence issues after prolonged social media use?

One way to get control of the situation is to recognize and understand what is happening. Designing a lesson that teaches other teens how social media platforms work, what are the negative effects and why they occur can be the first step towards a more healthy relationship with social media.

Just like we design courses at MinnaLearn, your task will be to prototype learning material to help your peers understand and even take action. For your prototype, you’ll utilize an openly available platform ( to create your solution.Your course can include text, images, videos, audio, links, quizzes, questionnaires, interacting with other students or any combination of these. Extra points will be awarded for using multimedia, proving that your users have learned something (impact) and getting actionable feedback from your users.

Further resources:
6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health” - Forbes
Is 'TikTok Brain' Affecting Kids?” - Verywellhealth
How TikTok has become a dangerous breeding ground for mental disorders” - Nypost
Negative impact of social media affects girls and boys at different ages” - University of Oxford
Creating Engaging Learning Activities” - World of Insights - Online course creation platform

what we'll bring

For this challenge, you will have the full attention of two amazing mentors from MinnaLearn with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, tech and innovation. You also get to experience a prototyping process similar to how we do things at MinnaLearn.


Sampo Leino is a lifelong learner and entrepreneur. He founded his first company after high school and built his way up in the world of marketing and tech. Throughout his career, Sampo has worn many hats from art director to programmer to teacher. Currently, Sampo works at MinnaLearn improving the way people learn skills needed for the future of work. He is super excited to mentor and helps new up-and-comers.

Emilia Jaakkola is an entrepreneur at heart and spirit. She’s a co-founder at MinnaLearn and before that founded her own communications agency. She started her career at 14-year-old selling jewellery and has gained versatile working experience ever since from NGOs, startups and consultancy. Emilia enjoys mentoring and sparring ideas. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

MinnaLearn has its course platform, but for prototyping, we often use quick tools that are freely available on the Internet. For your prototype, you’ll be using an openly available platform to create your solution. Thinkific has good online documentation and Sampo can give additional support on using the platform.


The winning team gets to dive into the work of an education startup for one day: learn how we create courses, create meaningful connections for the future and just have a fun day with us! Food and drinks included.

Judging criteria

The actual solution you come up with is not the most important thing for us. We rather focus on your process of solving the challenge.

We expect you to
1) Have a premise,
2) Test the premise and
3) Have a logical sense of what worked and what doesn’t and what should be done next. 

When judging, we try to answer the following questions:
 Does the solution fit the stated problem?
Are the solution’s goals well defined?
What proof can you show that these goals were met?
Did you test your solution with someone(s) from the target audience? 
What are the tester’s reactions to the solution? Does the team report logical next steps for developing the solution further?

BONUS Are other mediums than text and digital questionnaires used in the solution?

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