Sopu Academy Challenge:

AI-Powered Negotiation Training

Create a learning experience with ChatGPT to practice our negotiation skills.

We are on a journey to design the most sophisticated soft-skills training platform on earth. We need fresh perspectives to do it! Join this challenge to help people become better problem solvers in their daily lives. It is an amazing way to bring peace, sustainability, and SOPU to the world!


Finest Future Challenge:

Finest Community

Design a community of students, for students. How to help international students find friends, hobbies and amazing life in Finland.

In order to help our international high school students better integrate into our society and establish their lives properly here we need your help - what would a modern student community look like? Is it online only? How often would you meet face to face?


Sitra Challenge:

Lifestyle Test for Youth

Create a new version of Sitra's Lifestyle test to promote a positive and sustainable everyday life among young people.

Up to 68 per cent of Finland's total greenhouse gas emissions can be traced back to the choices ordinary people make every day. We are all part of the solution, but especially youth are leading the way to a more sustainable future.How could even more young people be encouraged to close the gap between climate awareness and individual action? And what tools would help on the journey towards sustainable everyday lives?