Energy Saving Mode: The Board

The energy crisis is real. Bring your game design knowledge to the real world in a challenge to create an off-the-grid board game with an energy conservation theme.
Video games take a huge toll on the power grid, whether it’s the energy consumed by players’ devices, or the energy used in storing and sending data from one place to another. Let’s take this opportunity to create something completely electricity-free that also teaches the player something.
Create a concept for a board game/card game/other sort of game with an energy conservation theme. The game should include real-world examples of how energy can be saved – either by individuals, corporations, political lobbying, you name it. Teams submit a design document of their game and a brief presentation outlining the game. A playable prototype is not necessary, but will award the team extra points.


Working within the constraints of the board game can be challenging, but all of the elements of game design are there. In fact, prototyping game ideas with real-world items is a viable way to test their viability before any programming takes place.

what we'll bring

We will provide physical materials (e.g. paper, dice) to bring your board game concept to life and test game mechanics. Our two game design mentors will also be on hand to provide design know-how to participating teams. Games concepts can be illustrated digitally as well, keeping in mind that the end product should be a board game that can be created in the physical world.


The team with the most points will be awarded some handsome Rovio swag, as well as a day of learning at Rovio HQ, where they will shadow a mentor and learn the craft of game design in a real-world scenario.all hats

Judging criteria

The prize will go to the team who has created the best game idea as judged by our mentors.

Submissions will be evaluated and awarded points for:

●Viability – Can this actually be a playable game?
●Playability – Did the team create a playable prototype?
●Fun – Is this a game that players enjoy playing to the end? Or even replay?
●Conservation theme – How well is the theme incorporated into the game?
●Style – does the game look good?
●Boldness – is the team creative and ambitious in their use of game design and the
board game format?

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